By Linda Laine

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Part 2 of 2
Husband Olli  -  Linda  -  grandson Jared  -  daughter Sarah

One more thing... remember my Buddhist altar? Immediately after being saved I was cleaning out all of my "junk" which included digging up crystals I had buried around my house. We went through and threw everything out -- crystals, tarot cards, wands, books, stones, chimes, bells, candles, and everything else. I got to my altar in the closet and the Lord told me to leave it. So I left it alone. About three months later for days I kept hearing, "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit." I didn't understand what He meant. Then one day, on Halloween, I was in my kitchen and the Lord said to me, "Recall the altar."

"What?" I said, rather startled.

"Recall the altar. Give it back."

I told Him I would throw it away but He said to give it back. I told Him I would send it to my mom and again He said to give it back. I told Him I didn't know where to take it. He just said, "Take it back to where you received it!"

To make a long story short, I found the church in Dallas. I called to find out when I could come and entered into a conversation with a man. After much debate I told him to tell me where to bring it or I'll just throw it in the dumpster. He asked my name, I told him, and he told me his name. He just happened to be the man that was the head of the church in San Francisco, where I grew up, that taught me there was no Jesus Christ. He had been transferred to the Dallas headquarters. He agreed to meet with me saying that he hopes to convince me of the mistake I am making.

Pulling into the parking lot, I started to park right next to the only car. The Lord said, "No, not here." So I went all the way around and ended up parking nose to nose with this car. As I approached the building I recognized the man immediately. He was talking to three other people who were evidently going to lunch. As they walked away, I introduced myself to him and he then tried to stop the other three people -- evidently leaders in the church. They did not hear him. We both walked to my car and was standing at my car trunk while the three people were getting into their car in front of me.

"Wait, don't go! This is the lady I told you about."
He told them. They smiled and waved at me and proceeded to get in their car.

He yelled, "No. Wait. She is the one that wants to return her gohonzon. This is the lady I wanted you to see." They stood at their doors smiling, waving and congratulating me. They said they are so happy for me and hope to get a chance to talk with me sometime.

Stomping his feet and waving his arms, he said, "Don't you hear me? Don't you understand me? She's bringing it BACK!" They smiled, waved again, got in their car and drove away. We both just stood there. He had a look of confusion and frustration on his face -- me, I could not comprehend what had just happened.

We gathered everything and went into the building. He asked many questions trying to understand why in the world I would want to give it back.

"Did people come to your house and give you literature?"


"Do you have a husband or a boyfriend making you do this?"


"Have friends told you you need to do this?"

"No." I laughed, and added, "I don't have any friends. I lost every single one of them when I became a Christian."

I finally said to him, "You don't understand, Jesus Christ Himself came into my living room, in Grand Prairie, Texas, and touched me."

He then proceeded down the religion path. "What religion are you?"

"I don't understand the question. I don't know what the different religions are and what they mean."

"Are you a Baptist? A Methodist? A Catholic? Are you Presbyterian? You know, what religion do you belong to?"

"No, not any of those. I don't know the difference between those."

"OK, then tell me what Church you attend."

"I go to the kind of Churches that love Jesus."

Seeing that he was becoming frustrated with my answers, I said, "I apologize for being so difficult but I really don't understand the question. If I knew what I was I would tell you. I'm a Christian."

"If you're a Christian, you must belong to something! If you're a Christian, how can you not belong to a religion?"

"Well... all I know is He's alive and He came into my living room and saved my life. I have read my Bible and the only Church I found was the Body of Christ. If I must belong to something I guess you could say I'm a member of the Body of Christ."

Right at that moment the Lord said to me, "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit you were saved. Let this be your testimony."

And so, this is my testimony that I share with you today.

My life has never been the same. I thank the Lord, Jesus, for never forgetting me. I really was a most horrible sinner yet He didn't forget me or leave me behind. In spite of everything I have done, He has forgiven me. I'm still amazed and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't give thanks that He remembered me and saved me. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't share my testimony with someone.

The Lord has blessed me again with another husband, and this time this marriage is in Christ!  This picture is of me; my new husband, Olli; my daughter, Sara; and grandson, Jared. 

Jesus is truly the most precious thing I have. Without Him I know that I am dead. It's only because of Him that I have life and really do have it more abundantly.

Thank you and God bless you for taking the time to read my testimony. If what I have shared with you has touched you in some way and you would like to contact me, I can be reached at: 

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