Evangelists R. W. Schambach
and  Donna J. Schambach

Revival meeting with Evangelist R. W. Schambach
Brother R. W. he loved the people, and the tent meetings
were for him as being at home!
Evangelist Robert William Schambach, the founder and president of The Schambach Ministries, went to be with the Lord January 17th 2012. He was one of the most powerful Evangelists in the USA, and he also travelled the globe.

Many were blessed by R. W's ministry, peoples life were touched, healed and set free from all kind of incurable sicknesses. He was faithful in the ministry until his last day. About 16 years ago he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but prayers by partners and friends God gave him 15 more years to preach the Gospel of God.

Brother R. W. Schambach was one of my favourite preachers. He loved the peoples as his own family!

R. W's daughter; Pastor and Evangelist Donna J. Schambach is now continuing keeping the Schambach Ministries on fire for God. From early childhood, she learned the preacher's life as she followed her father in his crusades.

Evangelist Donna Schambach is ministering to peoples all over the state, and even abroad. She has the same fire and anointing as her father R. W. had in his ministry, with a burning desire to reach the peoples all over and to minister to all their needs.

On their new website Schambach Foundation, you can learn more on what the Lord has placed on her heart. Her vision is global, her team has visited Central America scouting out communities who need the Gospel Power for changing their lives and giving them a new hope. Evangelist Donna says; No backing down, whatever the sacrifice!

Not long ago Pastor Donna Schambach and her team went to Peru, the videos from her visit there together with her team touches the heart. Peoples in this small town of Belen, they had just nothing. Belen is like a slum community close to a big river. To see how these children get their first pare of shoes ever, oh my. Donna's team even gave away a number of riverboats with engines, donated by partners worldwide; the boats were filled with food for the needy peoples. This was a Christmas gift to the community in Belen.


Evangelist Donnna Schambach's team in Latin America

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